snowy road trip report


that was an insane drive here’s how it went
When I got to the snow it was heavy on the road, totally covered and rutted so it was both slippery and it would grab the tires and jog the car back and forth. Really took total attention every moment, no snacks, just a few sips of tea.
I’d been thinking about stopping for pastrami since a friend was talking about it and I do need something in the back of my head to keep positive about the hard drive, not that I am not happy to drive you but it helps the focus.
When I had a moment to look at the windshield wiper in the light it was easy to repair with what was in the car.
I took a route into Manhattan that I’d been thinking about from a previous trip and only got ‘lost’ twice. There’s a ‘parkway‘ in the middle of Brooklyn that I could not find before  but it saved time and in the day would be really pretty.
There was a parking on the street right next to the deli, right midtown. And I found the easy fast way out off Manhattan without tolls, Madison avenue is fast and feeds right to the highway.
The roads were wet and scary and pretty fast at first and not too much traffic and most folks giving lots of space.
About half way, New Haven, (where you did your yoga class) it all stopped, Roads totally covered in snow/ice and going under 20mph for almost an hour single file in the middle of the highway behind plows. mostly trucks but for long stretches everyone was single file right in the center of 3/4 lanes. When the plows turned off everyone slowly speed up to 25mph.
It was funny there was an occasional truck that sped by and then slowed way down. many trucks just pulled over to the side.
I missed the easy turn to miss Hartford and was too bullheaded to turn around but it seemed dumb to go back into more slippery. So ended up the long way around the city but for that section there were no trucks.
The section from Hartford to Mass was a bit faster 30 even 40 but then it got dark and foggy.
The Mass Pike was mostly wet with slush not many cars and most of the trucks passed smoothly.
At 4am on rt 2 I admit I was a bit foggy but no cars at all, well that I noticed.

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