Trump trumps trumpet

Well that makes little sense but then the current state of the state is making less and less sense to many and an increasingly increasing rate of increase. Bears and bananas.

On a short visit to Brooklyn walking too and from a coincidental parking location toward the Pratt art institute took me along Nostrand Ave. Perpendicular to better known streets such as Atlantic Ave it was roughly the direction I needed to walk and was INTERESTING. Clearly in transition from scary urban to some variety of gentrification, it’s a major center for non-white hairdresser storefronts, mixed with boutique restaurants, multitudes of specialty shops catering to specific demographics, all mixed up together, no particularly  interacting, mainly sliding past each other.

I was surprised that the core urbanness of Nostrand did not turn up googling, the exotic urban adventurness must but just too regular to be exceptional in the the big city.


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